Out-Of-State Relocation

In today’s society, families are more mobile than ever before. Relocating across the country for new job opportunities, closer proximity to relatives or a better quality of life has become increasingly common. During or after child custody proceedings, however, moving out of the state is not as simple as packing up and leaving. The parent seeking to move must first obtain court permission.

Known as a “removal” case, out-of-state relocation requests must establish that the proposed move meets certain legal standards, especially the “real advantage” standard. The court will consider whether the parent has a legitimate reason for moving. It will also weigh a variety of factors to determine whether the proposed relocation is in the child’s best interests. These factors may include:

  • Family ties to the area
  • The impact on the child’s emotional and developmental well-being
  • The child’s quality of life
  • The child’s relationship with the other parent

Removal cases tend to be extremely fact-specific. The outcome often turns on the extent, detail and credibility of the evidence.

Why Seek Professional Guidance?

When a proposed move involves great distance, these cases can become an emotional and embittered battle. One parent’s day-to-day relationship with the children may hang in the balance. Extensive hearings and in-depth legal arguments are often necessary to resolve the case.

Whether you are seeking permission for out-of-state child removal or seeking to oppose a relocation request, professional legal guidance is essential for navigating the hurdles that often arise in these cases.

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