Protecting Your Assets

Divorce encompasses far more than just the legal separation of two people. It also requires splitting up assets, a process that can affect the lifestyle, plans and financial picture of both parties.

At Tangusso Law, a family law firm in Massachusetts, we appreciate the significant ramifications of divorce and property division. We also understand that each client has unique goals, needs and priorities. When we take on a case, we embrace a commitment to helping our clients achieve a fair and favorable outcome, making their needs our priorities.

Creative Strategies For Advancing Your Priorities

In Massachusetts, all assets owned by either party must be disclosed and subjected to property division, including property acquired before the marriage. However, the law does not mandate a 50-50 division of every asset in every case. Instead, the court must look at a variety of case-specific factors to determine a fair and reasonable outcome.

This approach affords flexibility in the position clients may take. Perhaps certain assets are more valuable to you than others, such as the marital home you would like your children to be raised in. Perhaps a concession on less important assets would give you a stronger position with regard to the property you would like to keep. Our legal team can help you identify your priorities and develop creative, workable strategies for protecting the assets that matter most.

Finding Hidden Assets

In divorce — particularly high-asset cases — people often fear that the other spouse is hiding or dissipating assets, preventing valuable property from being taken into account for property division. Fortunately, the litigation process provides numerous tools that can be used to identify such assets.

Our lawyers are adept at utilizing the tools of the discovery process such as depositions, subpoenas, requests for admissions and interrogatories to uncover all hidden assets. We also work with trusted experts in forensic accounting to trace hidden or spent assets. We will diligently pursue all available means to ensure that the entire marital estate is brought to light.

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Divorce is an intimidating process, and one that you should not face alone. To learn more about how our lawyers can help you protect the assets and priorities that matter most, contact us at 617-523-3622. Based in Salem, our asset protection attorneys serve clients throughout eastern Massachusetts.